Research at SIMRES

New! Bull Kelp Mapping Project

SIMRES has partnered with both the Mayne & Galiano Island Conservancy's for a multi-year, multi-island project to map kelp. The abundance of kelp beds give us an overview of ocean health and climate related change. The Mayne Island Conservancy has been mapping bull kelp over the last nine years and SIMRES is excited to begin a longterm study alongside them. Learn more about Mayne Island Conservancy's project here

Boundary Pass Monitoring & Outreach Initiative

SIMRES has established a network of hydrophones and cameras at East Point that are positioned to monitor both whale populations and shipping traffic in Boundary Pass. Boundary Pass is the main entrance channel for large shipping vessels anchoring at the Port of Vancouver. Since 2016 SIMRES has been supporting the ongoing research work being carried out at the University of Victoria that focuses on assessing the impacts of vessels on marine mammals. Learn more here

Hydrophone Network

SIMRES has a hydrophone array that is now one of the most technologically advanced hydrophone facilities in the world. Several researchers are now using our data to learn more about our whale populations, to better understand the effects of shipping noise on whale activities and on the technical front to further develop acoustic monitoring software. All of this research is contributing to and supporting our ongoing educational  initiatives. Learn more here. 

Other Research on Saturna Island

Shore-Based Marine Mammal Observations

Nicole Le Baron spent June-September 2019 on Saturna Island conducting shore-based marine mammal observations for Boundary Pass. She also noted the presence of vessels in the area of marine mammals, and conducted a small vessel survey to validate JASCO Applied Science’s acoustic boat detector. Learn more here

BC Cetacean Sightings Network

Danielle Ahrens was on Saturna for August-September 2019, working with the BC Cetacean Sightings Network (BCCSN) to conduct observation studies at East Point, Cliffside and Narvaez Bay. The goal of the project was to obtain a greater knowledge of harbour porpoise habitat usage in the waters around Saturna Island and monitor any changes in their behaviour in the presence of vessels. Learn more here