Boundary Pass Monitoring & Outreach Initiative

SIMRES has established a hydrophone array at East Point, positioned to monitor both whale populations and shipping in Boundary Pass. Boundary Pass the main shipping channel to the Strait of Georgia and the Port of Vancouver. This location is now being recognized as an area of particular environmental concern because commercial activity is having such an impact on marine life in this area. The impact of ship noise on the endangered southern resident orca populations creates a major stress challenge to their continued survival.


From the largest freighter to the smallest pleasure boat, our hydrophones are collecting acoustic data showing the effects of underwater noise on marine life from these vessels. Since 2016 SIMRES has been supporting the ongoing research work being carried out at the University of Victoria that focuses on assessing the impacts of vessels on marine mammals. One aspect of this work involves land based cameras, these complement SIMRES’s ongoing efforts to monitor whale and vessel activity in Boundary Pass using underwater acoustics.


SIMRES has received grants from DFO and the Victoria Foundation to create public education events and campaigns about the impact of underwater noise. Our intention is to show how noise affects marine life, and work with the community to reduce anthropogenic noise. Learn more about #ForTheWhales here