Ambassadors #ForTheWhales

SIMRES is working with local ambassadors from organizations who are leading examples of our Top Actions. Learn more about each ambassador below! 

Jessica Wilson,

Owner & Founder of

Salt Shop

We use all sustainable and eco-friendly fibers and we have done our research to make sure they will dissolve in the ocean so there is not any microplastics. At Salt, we are creating community, alongside sustainable clothing #ForTheWhales

Brian Henry,

Owner & Founder of

Ocean River Sports

The biggest thing we do is make people aware so we can make more advocates of nature. It is important to sustain what we have. There is more of a movement than ever before in BC and people are so supportive, lets ride that wave #ForTheWhales. 

Deena Guffei,

Grant Maker at Lush Cosmetics North America

Through Lush’s Charitable Giving Program, we have supported organizations that are supporting marine conservation, research, policy protection & zero waste initiatives. Everyday Lush is improving our business practices, #ForTheWhales

Krista Trounce,

Project Manager, Vancouver-Fraser Port Authority

The ECHO program is an initiative at better understanding the impact on shipping on endangered whales in our region.  At the end of the day, all this research, all this science, all this work we are doing together, it is #ForTheWhales. 

Bruno Hoffman,

Owner & Founder of

The Green Boater

Being a boater my whole life, I never thought about the impact I could have as a boater and as I was learning about the different things I could do help reduce the impact on the ocean, I documented by journey so I could educate others. Its a big challenge, all of us can do our part to change our behaviour, change the way which we practice, change the products we use and to do your part #ForTheWhales 

Paula & Nairn,

Owner & Founders of

Zero Waste Emporium

Moving into a zero waste lifestyle will help us reduce the amount of plastic that we are throwing out into the ocean that is going to stay there for hundreds of years. Living on an island, everything we do has a direct impact on the environment around us, especially our oceans. We are eliminating single use plastics from our life and living a zero waste lifestyle, #ForTheWhales. 

David Hannay, 

Chief Science Officer at JASCO

We all have to work together to make this a better environment for these animals and that requires the involvement of the government, scientists and organizations like SIMRES. We are all collecting information to feed decisions that make the environment a nicer place and a quieter place, #ForTheWhales

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